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I hear you... I feel like I am going crazy sometimes... I keep thinking, aren't men supposed to want it more than women? We are awesome together and get along great. We do a lot for each other. We've been through a lot... there's some past hurt with us but we have both owned up and moved on. I am so attracted to him all the time. We just moved in together a couple months ago and we had more sex before we were living together. This makes me so sad. I've talked to him about it and cried over it and we have even had fights about it. He never goes down on me any more unless he thinks I'll be giving him a BJ and when we do have sex it's quick and he just doesn't seem into it. I still give him random BJ's and spend as much time as I can on him and I love it when I can satisfy him better than the last time. I ask him what he likes and do it for him and I get so sad that he doesn't enjoy doing the same for me... when I ask him to go down on me and try to do it in a sexy way he sighs... gets irritated when I squirm too much and that only makes me feel like I want it to be over with. I usually fake it at that point... I've tried talking to him about it so many times. I don't feel wanted I don't feel the passion anymore. I love him to death but I need to be satisfied. He says, "Don't give me demands, if I want to fuck you I'll fuck you, if I want to finger you I'll finger you, if I want to go down on you I'll go down on you..." But he doesn't...

He says he'll pay more attention to me but he doesn't. I go to bed hoping that he will just be a man and go crazy with me for once, just be so turned on by me that he can't help himself but he just rolls over and goes to sleep... He'll have sexy with me the day or two after I bring it up ot get upset over it then it goes back to before. I spend an hour waxing my vag for him, I try to turn him on and I've been turned down so much. He NEVER comes on to me anymore. I have never in 2 years turned him down for sex ONCE. Not once...

I just wish he felt the same way about me. I don't want to have sex with anyone else but this is causing my eyes to stray at any chance they get. I day dream about what that passion would be like again.. I'd never cheat but if someone were to show intrest in me I'd consider it. And that makes me more sad than he will ever know.

I don't know what to do anymore.. do I just let him be? I don't want to talk to him about it anymore. It something wrong with me for wanting it all the time? He says he's still attracted to me, he deleted all the porn he had because he said he doesn't need it, "I don't need porn, I have a girlfriend..." He is telling the truth about it. He just doesn't think about it anymore. He's never spontaneous anymore. I'm bored and unsatisfied and it's not out of lack of trying to communicate this with him. He wants me to be open but I'n tired of repeating myself to no avail...

November 16, 2012 - 11:43pm


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