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hello i need serious help. im a 18 yr old girl n my bf is 22. there is just so much going on now and i have absolutely no one to help me or even talk to. well first of all the sex was great for me but then one day he said it was no good for him. he said it didnt feel good. it was a shock for me becuz for me he felt so big and was the biggest i ever had. after he said that i cldnt help it and think about what i doing wrong and cry nearly every day. he tells me i am the most beautiful girl ever every day (i am very tall and very pretty face n body) but in my mind i think for what its no good if i cant make him feel good. we hardly ever make love and if we do i feel like it is forced and still have his words in my head that i am loose for him. it makes me feel disgusted with myself. okay thats just the sex part. i know it shouldnt be so important but it hurts to feel so unwanted. ok more important we have been together less then 6 months and i wanted love and affection so much i moved with him rather that be apart. but we moved many states away from my one family member. i did this rather than go to college like i soo desperately wanted. it is my most dear dream and i had it all set up to go to a prestigious college. then a month before decided i couldnt stand to be apart from him and went w him.thing is tho we live with his parents. not too odd for me being 18 but i really would rather be on our own. he works and i just got a job. it makes me so sad tho to be low class no education working rlly hard with no college. he says i dont have to give up my dream but his actions are different. i had scholarships of 2000 that is now down to half of that becuz of emergency expenses he needed. he made us a joint bank account when we got here. now he wants me to direct deposit my checks into the account. while his are on a separate card. im just so scared i wont have a dime left for college. i love him so much and dont know how to feel better. im just so tired of crying and want to please him very much. some one please just give me advice im so lost and in a strange place with no family or friends.

September 2, 2012 - 9:31pm


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