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Same Problem. My boyfriend used to want me all the time. ALLLLLL the time. Now he gets almost mad if I am playful and keep flirting for sex and he's not in the mood. He'll say, "will you stop!"...He's 6 years older than me...but damn....and he always gets his and I never get mine and you'd think I'd be the one sexually disillusioned. But I like him sexually and I love him every other way. I used to think I had sex pretty down (prideful-maybe-but hey, confidence is sexy right?) and now I'm thinking "do I just not turn you on any more?" And my initial solution was spice up your sex life, but he's not into that. Like if I try to get him on the couch he always asks to go to the bed. Or if I joke around about something mildly kinky-he's like naw, eww, gross...I don't mind classic sex-just gimme. What could be wrong. I'm willing to do it backwards, forwards, or even sideways for pete's sake! and that's not what he wants..he just doesn't want me. He get's mad if I even playfully try to address it so I don't know what to do.

August 3, 2012 - 7:37am


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