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I know what you mean. I feel like your woman. I feel urges, I find other men attractive, but I am faithful. I would never break up my family. They are so important to me. My kids and him. He holds us together. But, we are not affectionate enough. It's going on 12 years, and we have slept separate for half of that. We are ok with not sleeping together in the same bed because we want restful sleep. We sleep better that way. I;m afraid we are losing that spark though. I love him with all my heart We have sex, sometimes, but it is always the same. I never can steal his glance, or get that smile I used to get from him, and I keep myself up. I am getting bored with the mechanical routine. He does so much for the kids and me, but I have lost the urge to try. We are trying though. He might be trying more though. I think if we could get that special something back, then overall it will get better. So guy^ you above me, If you find out what she is wanting that she doesn't get anymore, than you might get what you want too. The hardest part is figuring it all out, then finding out if it is worth doing. I know that my relationship is. Is yours to you? I think it's hard with two people working, and trying to work on it after you get home, you're tired,hungry, want to eat, you need to clean house, care for the kids, make your partner pay attention to you, and juggle them all at once. I know exactly what you mean. We are like that too here. I think that it goes 2 ways. She wants something, and you want something else. That doesn't mean it is over, it means we are trying to balance life. And still keep a spark going. yesterday was different than today, and tomorrow will be different too. I think it just takes work. But it is worth it.

August 1, 2012 - 10:48pm


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