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my problem is that we have been together going on 5 yrs now. have a daughter 3 yrs old. it is frustrating for us both working and studying at the same time. i want it or at least show me a bit more that u care or have sexual feelings for me. she says she loves me but don't go a little out there to show me. i try to show her as much as i can. my desires are urging and i'm getting frustrated. sometimes i wonder if we weren't meant to be together due to our sexual desires and lack of communication views. i am so frustrated with her because it is though she is not seeing how this is affecting me. i tend to react to how she treats mev
9a bit cold in my view). i'm usually a nice guy n want everyone around me to be happy. i need a soulution or help. i google a lot n try to take some tips. i also let her know the effort i go for this part of our life to get better. its like she doesn't see the importance. why!!!

August 1, 2012 - 3:17am


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