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I'm going through the same situation..I'm 25 & my bf will be 33 in a few weeks .. I love him and I hope he will be the man I.marry but we had our 1 year like 2 weeks ago he didn't remember but I'm trying not to hold it against him but the sex thing has gotten very hard.. It's likr he doesn't want me anymore ..I don't question if he loves me but I don't feel he's attracted to me..I cry allot here lately but not in front of him..I have laying beside him with my back to him very quietly so he couldn't hear but I feel so heartbroken..I've tried saying something and asked was it me and he just says I didn't know that's what our relationship is based on... It makes me feel so insecure I get attention from others I'm told I'm beautiful sexy and blah blah by other men but I wanna feel it from him and him only :( after being turned down it always makes me over analyze myself and trying to figure out what's so bad about me..I don't want him to cheat on me so I give him oral to keep him satisfied ..I'm so scared of losing him I would do anything to keep him happy even at my expense..I just don't understand

July 11, 2012 - 10:15am


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