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Hi everybody and I'm so glad that I found this site! I could not sleep last night, again & decided to hit the computer for advise on why I feel so rejected, lonely in a almost 3 year relationship with my current boyfriend. Ladies, need advise desperatly. I read this blog and so surprised to find out that many women experienced same situation that I am in I love my BF and we kind of live together and when we first started to date he vood me me w/ flowers, dinners etc.. he paid attention to my needs, complimented more & our Sex Life was awesome! He could not keep his hands off of me and sex was few times a week at least whenever we were able to get alone time, since my daughter lives with me. But, in the last 5 or 6 months our relationship has been under fire were constatly arguing, fighting about his weekly late outing with the boys and caught him lying several times. My BF & I are 50 and were both divorced have kids in another words were older and should be wiser to make relationship work second time around? He keeps telling me that he is doing nothing wrong just hanging out with the boys! But, my womends intuation is telling me otherwise. Does not make sense the lies, late nigt boys night at a local bar at least 3 x's a week or longer. In the course of arguing about his bar habits & ofcourse the shit hits the fan about our relationship and No sex maybe once a moth in the last several months and thats me pushing the issue. He's response that he is under stress and points the finger at me for the lack of sex. That he does not want becuz of my nagging about this & that. This I find a cop out and he is not honest with his anwsers. I asked him to see a Dr for the low sex drive and he refuses and actually caught him Lying that he did see his Dr. and he brought home sample of viagara that Dr, supposedly gave him. Did not belive him and called the Dr's office and he was never there, he lied to shut me up! I confronted him and he promised to see a Dr. this was 2 months ago, since then has not made any attempt to go. I dont know what to do & have not asked him further in the meantime our SEx life remains the same, no sex or cuddling etc..
I'm very frustrated and starting to think that he is seeing somebody else or doing somebody else? I've asked him but he said no. Last week we got into a huge fight he came home around 10:30 without not knowing his wereabouts, he was a little tipsy & during the arguments he recieves phone call mind you it's after 11:00pm and I asked him to show me the phone # but instead deleted the #. He blamed it as being drunk and not knowing what he was doing. BS! He knew exactly what he was doing Hiding the # his guy friends will not call that late, so who called him wheare he is makin excuses.. He wont let me see his phone, asked him for the # and his making excuses. I told him he has to get the # for me otherwise I will investigate and get it Myself! Do you blame me and know my mind I'm thinkg all this other stuff that he is cheating etc...OMG, can't sleep and constantly wondering if this is the case. I confronted him and of course cried and the he has to prove that I'm wrong, The proof is in the pudding. But just last night he got home not very late but around 8:00sh but just had a feeling he was dressed and groomed more then usual and no Kiss when he walked in & confronted him again not about his appearance not to be to obvious but the fact no kiss to say Hi babe or the nigt before NO kiss for goodnight. Again, were arguing and left mad this morning for work.
I'm tired of feeling neglected, lonely and feel that he may be cheating the sighn are there but no actuall evidence.. I'm thinking every minute since last week that phone # is the anwser but at the same time scared of the Truth. Please tell me what to do, I can't keep feeling like this and pretending to be happy where I'm miserable inside.
At the same time If I'm wrong can loose him with my suspicions.
Has anyone to advise if in the same situation, appreciate any replies, ideas.

June 5, 2012 - 5:27am


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