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If you tried straight peroxide from the drug store then this should not have happened. You may have another issue where you need to see an ENT. Never mix warm water with peroxide. It will do nothing other than plug your ear up more with water. If you mix peroxide with water then it becomes inert- basically you are just putting water in your ear that will open you up to further issues like a fungus called swimmer's ear. For clogged ears- I use straight peroxide- let it bubble for a few minutes- then tilt your head to drain the ear. Then a little while after that follow up with equal parts vinegar (white or a very) and rubbing alcohol. Peroxide has a little drying effect. The vinegar will soothe and help kill any bacteria possibly left behind by the peroxide and the alcohol dries the left over moisture so you avoid further infection. I have Hashimoto's, celiac, and SLE- soI know how to battle infections and win. Take vitamins and eat well.

May 6, 2016 - 2:29pm


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