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There was a woman on a health show on television that lost 200 pounds and her skin did not fit her body anymore. She had enormous folds of skin that drooped all over her body creating a whole new set of problems such as skin bacteria in places where sweat was trapped in the folds. She had fought a long battle with her insurance company because she wants them to pay for post weight loss surgery. A plastic surgeon had agreed to do the surgery at a reduced fee to help the woman. The insurance company is refusing on the grounds it is cosmetic surgery and not medically necessary. This is exactly the kind of treatment people get from insurance companies after accepting premiums for years that have led consumers to ask for massive changes in the industry. Most people don’t have to lose that much weight and rely on diet, exercise and supplements to get back into shape. But sometimes bariatric surgery should not be considered cosmetic surgery and health insurance companies should cover the related expenses in those cases.

August 21, 2009 - 8:18am


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