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Could it be that your bed in your new house is positioned exactly level, whereas it wasn't in your old house? Maybe there's also been a change in your personal situation? I get the pain you describe whenever I sleep on a surface that isn't level, for instance on the couch, or when I sleep beside a person that's heavier than me, causing the matress to slope slightly in his direction. I think that in my sleep, I sort of strain against gravity, causing a cramp-like ache in the hips, which wakes me up eventually. Changing position helps, but inevitably, the pain will return after half an hour or so. I never get it when I sleep alone in a good bed. I've never read about this, but some of my friends have the same trouble, and when I asked if it could be the sloping mattress, they said yes, that must be it! Personally, I'm convinced that this is it, and while I can't always avoid it, I'm happy it's nothing I can't control... Hope this is of help for you!

August 19, 2015 - 12:16am


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