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I was just like the first person who responded. I had groin pain that was so bad it was hard to move. It took 2 years and 2 unnecessary surgeries to realize it was a labral tear. I had a tear in both my hips however I also had a dull however painfull pain on the outside of my hip as well. There is a band that connects the side of your pelvic and goes down the outside of your leg and connects to the outside of your knee. This is called for short the. I.T. band . It can get very tight and is hard to stretch. I almost 100% sure that is your problem search on the internet how to stretch I.T. band and it will not help over night however continue to do the stretches and the pain should go away. Also when doing the stretches you know when your doing them correctly when your side has that slight good pain type of feeling were it is soar but u don't want to stop because it also feels good at the same time. My I.T. band was so tight for me when I had my hip surgery they had to put small cuts in the band to lengthen it. So take care of your hips and good luck.

April 13, 2015 - 9:48pm


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