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Dr. Tracey,
I did put my post on drugawareness.com but I have only spoken to attorneys about suing the drug company (any class action lawsuits that are open to join) because I could obviously sue the doctor and the rehab. probably not the marriage counselor. I would not want to ruin these people's lives or put them out of business because they are prescribing these drugs as they are allowed to do. There is something wrong with this drug Lexapro because it just occurred to me also that I was becoming delusional (when sober as well as drunk) I believed that I should leave my husband and marry a muslim person because that would help solve world problems between muslims and christians. I also had more frequent desires to kill myself as time went on. I didn't share these thoughts with the doctors because I'm an intelligent person and knew that if I shared what I was really thinking with them they would probably lock me up! I am only interested in being put back in the situation I was origionally in before I took it. Allowed to drive and not out money from missing work and going to rehab and being committed.

September 24, 2009 - 5:26pm


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