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Yes - what a miracle drug! I've seen 2 people I know and love succumb to them. My sister has gone through hell for the last 12 years, and given countless drug cocktails. It started when she was going through a divorce, and she was prescribed zoloft to help her ‘through the rough patch’. There was a little euphoria at times. Then, rather than making her feel better, she started to act crazy– manic. The more crazy she felt, the more doctors took that as evidence that she needed MORE drugs! I also lost my marriage to these wonder drugs. My husband thought he was having health problems, with numb finger tips and dizzy spells. The doctor said it was only anxiety and put him on zoloft. No warnings of side effects were given. Within weeks of starting zoloft, he became very cold, and very cruel. He also began drinking HEAVILY on a daily basis (and driving drunk - which he had been vehemently against in the past.) He started telling surprised friends "I feel like I'm 21 again!" over and over again. He stopped loving me, our family...our life and picked up and moved away from our city. It happened so fast, it was like the person I loved was killed in a car accident. This man I knew and loved for 20 years vanished before my eyes. I think of the countless MILLIONS who have had their emotions blunted from experiencing normal love, sadness, compassion. They leave their marriages, engage in risky behaviour and don’t care about the consequences. Don’t doctors realize, then when you quiet the stress and anxiety, you can’t help but also quiet the conscience, the heart and the spirit. Where in the medical journals will they account for all the lost souls to these drugs?

September 11, 2009 - 11:20am


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