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I am in the same boat with the rest of you women. My practitioner found a lump at my annual exam 7 months ago. She sent me for a diagnostic digital mammogram and ultrasound. I was told everything was fine. At that time, I had trouble finding the lump myself even after my practitioner showed me where she had noticed the lump. Over the past few weeks this area has gotten larger. I scheduled an appointment to see my practitioner again next week but I have also scheduled an appointment with a surgeon for later next week. I requested a copy of my last mammogram and noted that the report stated there was "2 benign appearing enlarged lymph nodes". This same thing happened to a co-worker. She was told she had a "benign" lump and to come back in 6 mos for another mammogram. A friend encouraged her to get the "benign" lump biopsied. The friend stated, "How can you know it's benign without a biopsy?" She has now been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and has had a lumpectomy and started chemo treatments. I will discuss this with my practitioner but will most likely proceed with a biopsy. I don't think my mind will rest until I do. Good luck to you all!

June 6, 2011 - 4:30am


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