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Hello, to all. This is my firat posting and really need input. I have had a sebeasous cyct on my breast for a while. It was the size of a green pea. Every so often i would squeeze it to remove some of the cheeze like material with a foul odor. About a month ago I for some reason it became infected and began to swell and become sore, i was not able to squeeze it due to the pain. I went to my GYN and he said it was infectedand gave me some antiobotics. I took them and the pain and swelling went down. I was due for my Mamo/sono of the breast. They told me the lymph nodes was enlarged and request me to come back in 1 month to repeat sono. I went back and they said the lymph nodes are still enlarged and want to do a biospy to see why they are enlarged. Is this really necessary now to take such a invasive step or is there something else that can be done? I do not feel the enlargement when i feel them. My breast shape or texture has not changed. I am not sick or anything. Any alternatives? I am just skeptical. Healthcare is not like it use to be, I question are they concern for my well being or making a profit. I just don't want to do something thats not necessary nor start something due to the invasion.

February 24, 2011 - 12:29pm


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