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That's all good news! Did your doctor tell you when they expect to receive the test results (it can be faxed), and ask when you should call to discuss the results? You may have to be a little pushy...there does not seem to be a lot of helpful communication coming your way.

From my understanding, the techs do not interpret test results, and are actually trained to NOT say anything...as this is not their job (for this exact reason, that they provide enough "non-information" to scare the patient). You may want to call the doctor and/or lab, and let them know techs are interpreting what they see on the screen, and providing enough just vague information to concern patients. I hope you can either call and provide feedback (so the tech does not do this again; she may have really thought she was helping), or know that she IS telling you she didn't see anything alarming.

That is medical speak for: your tests look normal. Just confirm with your doctor, and let us know!

February 20, 2011 - 3:01pm


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