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(reply to sandee)

Hello all, I finally got a diagnosis on some issues I was having with boils in arm pit and groin area, I know it doesn't sound like this feed, but I found out this genetic condition called Hidrademitis supperativa is inherited and due to the infection it is causing my enlarged lympnoids. This condition is also an Immune Disorder. Does anyone have boils at panty line, arm pits, buttocks, and/or under breasts that seem to be recurring and never seem to go completely away? Typically people with Immune disorders have this problem too. There is no cure for it, but can cause a variety of issues if left untreated. If so, read up on Hidradenitis Supperativa. Only help is topical antibiotics, washing with Antibacterial soap, taking oral antibiotics. I've done all these things for 20 plus years now and still get these. They are painful as they get huge. Largest I have had is tennis ball size boils. Please let me know if any of you with enlarged lympnoids with Hashi, graves or any other Immune condition have these recurring boils.

September 23, 2010 - 3:28am


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