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Hello everyone, its funny, with Leptin Resistance and Hashi's, and not having enough thyroid in my system and not being able to absorb the meds correctly, my Dr increased my Armour to 180MG and I feel fantastic, my lympnoids are smaller, amazing. I asked him why they would enlarge and he stated that my body's couldn't fight off anything. This also caused me to have absecess between my legs that were very painful. Abscesses are now all gone and lympnoids are decressed in size. He said my body was having a hard time fighting off infections. Since being put on Armour 1 year ago, I am a completely changed person inside and out. I have lost 50lbs without even trying, my cholestoral is back in the normal range, I'm not Hypoglasimic any longer, my abcesses are gone and my lymphnoids are decressed in size. Most important, I feel fantastic. Does any of you have Hashi's or been tested for it? I would be interested to find this out. Please excuse my spelling too...LOL

February 24, 2010 - 7:21pm


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