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How long does your doctor want you to wait before he examines and measures the lump again?

When was your last mammogram and/or ultrasound?

Is your doctor sure that this is an enlarged lymph node? Did he suggest that it might be swollen due to an infection?

Or are you still anxious that it might be something else?

Here is one link for lymph node biopsies. It has several pages' worth of information but it doesn't specify how large a lump is before it is biopsied. I'm sure that this is an individual thing between most doctors and their patients, depending on patient history and the actual lump itsef:


Here's some more information on armpit lumps:


And one more page with information about lymph nodes and lumps (read all the way to the bottom for how they determine when to do a biopsy):


Does this information help a little? Is there more than you can tell us?

February 24, 2010 - 10:13am


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