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This is the anonymous girl who was going to the surgeon on thursday. So I went and he agreed with the Radiologist that it is indeed an lymph node. There is nothing abnormal looking about it. He also indicated that the location of the lymph node is not even considered part of the breast tissue. He thinks the reason i'm able to feel it so well is b/c i'm pretty petite and there's not much meat on my bones in that area.........just skin and rib cage! He didn't feel it was necessary to even biopsy or remove at this time. The size of the lymph node did not concern him. He also let me know that there is no reason to continue with mammograms b/c my breast tissue is so dense. I would feel something in my breast before it showed up on a mammogram. Mammograms work better as you get older and the breast tissue becomes less dense. So I know it's probably frustrating for any of you who have been told to continue with ultrasounds, but it sounds like it's a good way to go. The ultrasounds can track whether or not the lump is growing and how fast. Hope this helps some of you out there!

October 10, 2009 - 4:49am


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