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The hpv virus can become latent (inactive) but can become active again at any time. Since the virus can be harbored in so many various areas that are unseen it is impossible to know without testing if an active hpv infection is present. Unfortunately, since our medical community typically only tests the cervix a male or female can have active infection elsehere that is totally missed even with testing. Most colorectal surgeons/GI docs never heard of an anal pap or HRA, high resolution anoscopy, let alone how to perform one. Since hpv is harbored in semen as well it is always going to be a preferred choice to reduce exposure as much as possible which means having rotected sex all the time. Put bluntly, if men find it uncomfortable, I can provide dozens if not hundreds of stories, medical pictures etc of hat a woman must go through and even to lose her fertility just so a man doesn't have to wear a condom. That should be the least of hsi concerns.
For any doctor that tells you it is not contagious if you have no symptoms, remind him/her that this is exactly what they told the public for years about herpes and they no know that is incorrect. How many did they get exposed becuase of THAT advice?

Hope that helps. You may want to visit our new forum that can be reached from our main site: thehpvsupportnetwork.org

October 23, 2011 - 8:11pm


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