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I always suggest that every woman gets copies of her test results because you probably can't answer my questions unless you have them. Sometimes when a pap is done they will also run whatis called a "reflexive" HPV test if the pap is abnormal so I really don't know if an HPV test was run on you or not. You cannot tell by visual exam if someone has HPV unless it is genital warts which is caused by low risk strains of HPV. So unless you have copies to show the results of an HPV test then you would have to have one run to know for sure if you have HPV or not. Depending upon how long ago this was, some labs keep specimensup to 30 days and may still have your specimen to run an HPV test on. You can always call your doc's office and ask if an HPV test was done. If not, ask if they can contact the lab and see ifthey still have your specimen. If they do, ask that theyrun an HPV test on it, that way you'll know for sure. Since HPV can go dormant, it may be gone in six months but that doesn't mean you didn't have it so I'd suggest you either try to get one done if they still have the specimen, or ask your doc if you can come in for a repeat pap now. I've never heard about this dry cells business so can't really say about that. Chances are you don't have HPV but if it would make you more comfortable (andmake sure you explain that when you ask for a repeat) then go ahead and ask for it now instead of in six months. Once I started using the estrogen cream it helped a lot. Best wishes.

September 15, 2011 - 9:13am


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