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It is impossible to determine from whom you contracted HPV. Because the virus can remain dormant for months, years and even decades, this could be the symptoms from an infection you acquired six months ago or six years ago. It's interesting that when diagnosed everyone wants to know where to place the blame - a common response. However you could have gotten it from someone else and given it to your current BF. It's important to let other partners know so they can take steps to limit infecting anyone else and also to get the vaccine. You fail to mention your age but you didn't mention anything about your doctor recommending the vaccine. That is certainly something else you can do (if you are 26 and under). Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot receive the vaccine because you are HPV positive, this is not true. I hope your doctor informed you that HPV not only affects the cervix, but the vagina, vulva, perianal/anal canal and mouth/throat. Oral sex can transmit the virus which recent research has shown is increasing rapidly among young males and causing cancer. You should also check the vaginal opening, vulva and perianal areas so you would be aware if anything changed and you devlopd a lesion there. A negative pap does not mean you are free of the virus. Once acquired it remains in your body for life so you must be vigilant and get your recommended follow-ups. Your BF should also consider getting the vaccine if he is under age 26 also.
Hopefully the more people hear and learn about HPV the less embarassing it will become. It may not seem like it now but years back just saying the word breast cancer was also embarassing and look how things have changed.

August 18, 2011 - 10:03am


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