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First off I fail to understand your comment "she gave me a rash with her underwear" HPV does not appear as a rash, it appears as lesions which can sometimes be small and clumped together but based upon most people's interpretation of a rash, HPV does not present like this. Now just whose rash started getting worse and never healed you or her? Did you actually GET a rash. HPV usually shows up about three months after you're acquired the virus and can then become dormant for months, years or even decades. What makes you so positive that you have HPV?
Men typically develop genital warts from HPV, have you had any of those?
As for not being able to afford it, you certainly can go to a Planned Parenthood Clinic and someone should be able to take a look at you and possbly even run an HPFtest or anal/penile pap.
It certainly be very discouraging and even depressing to have an STI but you aren't even positive you have one yet. You also cannot blame her for your choice of how to handle it, i.e. - drinking. That is your choice and there are alcoholic's aonymous meetings for free every night of the week just check online if you think your drinking has gotten that bad.
HPV IS a virus and becoming dormant is not the same as going away. It's unfortunate the some people utilize terms like this or "clear" only confuses patients. Symptoms can go away which really only means they have become dormant. They may not even show up again.
You can also check out thehpvsupportnetwork.org, resources page. Hope this helps. Please reply to the questions and we'll see if we can figure this out for you.

June 16, 2011 - 6:21am


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