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My name is Luke. I'm a 28 year old male. I've just spent the last hour reading through the 20 pages of comments on this thread.

It seems the vast majority of people answering questions are educated in the medical profession and provide wonderful, in-depth answers. I think that says alot about the human spirit.

However, there still appears to be some small variations in regards to some of the answers.

I have been diagnosed with genital warts (low-risk hpv). The warts I had were removed. A few years later, another outbreak of the warts occurred and have since been removed.

The following are a few questions as they relate to my situation. Hopefully the answers will help others with similar questions.

1.) After the warts are completely removed, can you still pass on hpv to another person? Some answers in this thread indicate that you can only pass the virus to someone if you have a current wart and there is skin to skin contact. Others indicate that a wart does not have to be present to pass on the virus.

2.) I've read on this thread that a second outbreak of warts can indicate a weakened immune system. Is this true or can it happen to anyone? I will say that when my second outbreak occurred, I was under an immense amount of stress. Apart from that, however, I am completely healthy and seem to have a strong immune system. I have tested negative for ALL other stds to include hiv and have no other known health issues. I am also positive that the second outbreak was not due to an exposure to a new straind of hpv because I haven't had sex with anyone else.

3.) I'm interested in a girl right now. We are only talking and have not even touched eachother in any way. I plan on telling her about my hpv diagnosis. I was hoping to get advice on what I should tell her about the risk my condition poses for her and what she could do to protect herself if she is even interested in talking with me after I tell her.

4.) My doctor told me I should get the hpv vaccine to protect myself against other hpv strainds. I have read on this post that the maximum age to get the vaccine is 26. Who is correct as I am currently 28?

5.) Is there any test possible (dna ?) that would tell me, a man, exactly what straind of hpv I am infected with?

Thank you to all of those people who answer these questions for your hard working in helping people find answers for tough questions! I truly respect your willingness to help just for the sake of helping. And I apologize in advance for being a male and posting on a women's site : )

May 9, 2011 - 10:13am


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