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hello, i am 19 yrs old i have a 4month old baby and i have my huband we have been together for 4 yrs but i had an affair once.. and well i found out i had hpv because of the warts and they came out when i was about 4 months pregnant! and idk if i gave hpv to him or he gave it to me and well i do not know how to explain to him that i have hpv and that it is contagious and that i might have infected him ive only been with him and this other person. it had been a year since i had cheated on him and got pregnant and got does warts can any one help me give me any advice on how to explain that to him.. he does know i cheated once but how do i tell him abou the hpv?!!!! and well he ios 27yrs old help me please

April 20, 2011 - 7:55pm


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