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First off, as well as getting the information correct lets get the terminology correct as well. It is not strands it is strains and there are over 100 different STRAINS of HPV. Many of these are low risk and cause non-cancer causing warts including the genital warts you have. Other strains are high risk and can cause dysplasia (abnormality within the cells) to varying degrees and lead to cancer if untreated.
Chances are if you have low risk strains of HPV you may also have high risk strains as well which is reason for concern. Please go to my profile and go to the first link listed at the bottom. This site is HonCode approved for medically accurate info.
Not only do you need to see a doctor but you need to get the vaccine. Please check out resources page on site mentioned above for Merck's programs which can get you the vaccine for free as well as your boyfriend. He should be getting the vaccine as well and chances are, he already has HPV since 80% of the population are infected with the virus. It is highly contageous and can be even though you may have no current symptoms. Men rarely show symptoms and there is no test to determine if he has been exposed to HPV. Well actually there is but it's not commercially available. If he has insurance you may want to ask his doc to perform a blood test for HPV antibodies this will at least show if he has been exposed to HPV.
If he refuses to EVER be intimate with you I'm not quite sure I understand what you're doing with him?
At this point in your life you should have had your first pap and if not then you need to go to your doctor or a Planned Parenthood Clinic and get one. This will show any abnormal cells involving the cervix. There is also a link on the site I mentioned where you can find places to get free paps. The point is you can't continue to do internet research hoping to resolve your issues you need medical attention and perhaps treatment for any high risk lesions which you cannot see on the cervix or within the vagina. HPV can also cause vaginal, vulvar, anal and head/neck/throat cancers and the seriousness of this virus cannot be underestimated. Please check out the site I mentioned and come back with any questions.

March 26, 2011 - 11:02am


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