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Thanks for your question and for finding EmpowHER. HPV is the most common STD there is--roughly 95% of the population has had it at some point. And from what you can read here, given the nature it is a virus, it remains dormant in your system. In men, HPV is often noted by determining if you have genital warts. You can schedule a visit with your doctor to be tested for other STD/STIs and mention you've been exposed to HPV. They may examine the area to see if there is any suspicious looking skin. Here is an article I wrote about genital warts that may be of some interest. Please keep in mind this site is geared toward women, so some of it may not be applicable to you specifically:
Genital Warts Advocacy Sheet
Good luck and let us know how else we may be able to help you.

December 23, 2010 - 8:52am


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