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Great writings and information. I wrote a lot of information just yesterday. I have been STD free until 2 years ago. I am 52. I also mentioned as an example, a 48 year old woman getting a divorce can still benefit from the HPV vaccination. I agree. I am glad for you to have the knowledge, self awareness, funds, support, allowing to put yourself first when life calls you to do so. That alone is hard for many women. My stand on it was to not have sex for 2 years to see if it would go away on it's own as the doctors say it could happen (and I MORE than get the dormant issue-wrote about that too already). But it was still there. And I asked my doctor. I said. Well doctor, please forgive my bluntness. I haven't had sex for two years while I waited to see what might go on there. I do not know how to have a sex life with all the precautions that would be needed to protect both parties. Besides condoms and oral dams, what is there? He said he knew of nothing more other than abstinence. And then he said...and THOSE concerns are EXACTLY why 80% of the population have it. They are not willing to take all the precautions that would be needed. I nodded and left knowing all that I knew. That my kids dad nearly died of it (stage 4 throat cancer I wrote yesterday in one long blog). I don't feel able to put my sexual wants and wishes before another person's needs. So, I will play it slow. Any man I interact with sexually will know far in advance what is going on. LADIES, even if you and a man both have HPV, you could very likely have a different strain of HPV. There are about 20 strains that cause oral/cervical cancer. So if he had (just making numbers up) #112 and #114 and you had just #18 you're just adding fuel to the fire. There ARE a ton of inventive ways to have unlimited fun. Toys may be one thing to consider that can add to the joy of it. Condoms (never lambskin as they transmit STD's. Lambskin condoms ONLY prevent pregnancy, nothing else)..Condoms come in fun colors and flavors (none for eating if you are avoiding spreading things).. HANDS are quite safe. Wash well before they are going to another zone and when all done :) hehehe. Alright. Have fun, eat well, Read the lady's note right behind this one and the long one before that and you have some really good food for thought.

April 24, 2015 - 9:25am


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