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I am sorry to say there is a ton of wrong information on here. My ex-husband got oral cancer found to be cause by HPV. They can tell you exactly which strain #('s) you have. He had 2. He had stage 4 throat cancer. After serious surgery, radiation to the limit allowed in a lifetime, and chemo, he has been cancer free for over 5 years. He is VERY fortunate. I did an intensive 6 months of research on this. I had us both go to see the Dr. at the head of the CDC. He knows ALL the known facts on it. I asked...if husband was exposed up to 20 years ago as they say, could my children have it from baby kisses to sharing a cookie, and what about me? The Dr at the Center for Disease Control said that there has never yet been a baby/child found with a HVP diagnosis due to a parent's diagnosis. Then about me. He said since I've had negative paps all those years that were clean, I'm not infected as far as anyone can know. There are over 150 strains of HPV. HPV cause warts. Everyone everywhere everyday touch a strain of HPV. That's how you get a wart on your hand from touching a cart etc. Not all HPV is formed in mucous membranes. There are about 20 known strains that can cause oral or cervical cancer (you can ask your doctor to ask the company that did the virus check what strain you have if you want to know). Now most people who get exposed kill it on their own in 6 mos to 2 years. If your body doesn't conquer it, it can sort of bore in and slowly over time turn cells into cancer (a LOT more cervical cancer that oral cancer as far as a diagnosis goes. But in men, oral HPV cancer is 5% of mouth /throat cancer. Smoking and drinking are typically what causes these cancers). Now, once a woman has HPV, it can and likely will, go dormant. That does NOT mean it's gone. MOST likely, it NEVER will be gone. This is why 80%, YES EIGHTY % of the sexually active adults have HPV. Yet 80% of those women do NOT get cancer. So, no freaking out. Culposcopy's are a diagnostic tool ONLY. It is not removing the HPV. You can have HVP sites on the walls of your vagina and around the cervix. And when they do the freezing of your cervix when you have had a diagnosis requiring treatment to help kill virus in that area, it is NOT a cure. THERE ARE NO CURES for HVP. If your doctor says there is a cure, you need to get a second opinion at a Gynecology clinic. Some people get no symptoms, no warts, and they have it. Men can have it and no warts but he is a carrier.
PREVENTION: Slow sexual experiences to monogamous relationships and both get checked before you start sex. Women can get oral cancer from men if he has hpv and you go there with your mouth. Don't even do THAT without you both getting checked.

MYTH/MISUNDERSTANDING: Try to follow this because it trips up everybody. If you have a test for HVP and it says you DO HAVE it, that is a correct diagnosis.
If you get a test for HVP and it says it did FIND HPV (even if you hear it as 'you don't have hpv', that is not absolute. It means they COULDN'T find it in THAT biopsy. So if a man gives you a clean bill of STD health, two things they can't say FOR SURE is, Herpes...they can only diagnosis if they see a blister on his parts. A woman can have herpes and not ever know for years and years if it stays internal. Some women find out they have that when they can't get pregnant and the herpes has done some scaring.
So it is the same with HPV...Positive or Yes you have it...is a TRUE and ABSOLUTE diagnosis. ANYONE who get a "negative" HPV...ONLY MEANS "we can't see it in the cells you sent". You need to use you EYES. DON'T listen to the "Oh..that is just a mark from getting caught in my zipper about 3 years ago. ..." He MAY mean it. He may believe it. But marks, red area of skin smaller that a dime, not even a wart..just a red sore looking splotch... could be a nearly healed wart.

I don't thing Guys are out there lying to us trying to infect us. But, fact is, more women die of it than men by a HUGE factor. Guys don't know if they have it in their mouth. It can take 2-20 years for cancer to show up orally. SO, "negative" doesn't mean "absolutely no virus" it means "couldn't find it in this cell specimen". OKay?

If you have had sex, you've already blown your best bet with the vaccine, cuz you won't know right away if you got HPV from the first guy...unless you both were young and you are really super sure you were his first.
MYTH: only girls young teens to 24 can get the vaccine. FALSE. INSURANCE will only cover the cost of girls (possibly boys now too. Australia has been vaccinating the boys for over 10-15 years now.) A woman who is 48 can get HPV vaccine if she wants to pay for it. Don't expect your doctor to support you on it. But, maybe you are getting a divorce and have never ever had sex with anyone but your husband, and you have never had STD's or HPV. Personally, I'd get the vaccine. On the other hand... if you've had encounters enough to expose you to the facts, 4 out of 5 guys have it, then you may want to keep your money for condoms.

Above are facts from the CDC and Mayo Clinic and a ton of research. Next, my OPINION.

The vaccine: My doctor wanted to vaccinate my young teen. Her dad even had cancer from HPV. There were concerns about a certain number of young girls having a life altering disfiguring reaction to the virus. I had an appt to get my daughter this hpv vaccine although I knew and was right, she would not have sex on her own before the 5 years were up. Well..the day i was suppose to get it... news came out with major networks that hpv vaccine is being investigated for safety and effectiveness. So we cancelled it. On the news was a girl with her whole face scared and bubbled and so sad, it really was hideous for a child of that age. All children are beautiful. But inside HER heart..you all know how she felt, the shock, horror, grief, sadness.... and was probably like my daughter... wasn't going to use it in time for it to benefit her.
PLUS AIDS is passed the same way HPV is. SO if you have HPV you also COULD have (not saying you do...) but you had bare sex and could have caught anything.

Yes, hpv sufferers all may, and I hope will, have times of dormancy. But you will never not have it. You will always have it for the rest of your life... or until a cure is found.

I watched a loved one nearly die from it. I saw what it did to my family. I watched doctors say things they were wrong on that I had to correct them, and they got back to me and said I was right. I have a nursing background and I studied every angle of this I could. I feel knowledge is power.

DON'T let a guy talk you into no condom cuz he got a negative hpv test. I told a guy that two years ago. He argued with me for 2 days. Then he finally caught on. Then we went on a few dates. Never even kissed him (oral hpv freaks me out a lil..but you don't have to worry about it if you don't want to...it's my lil' bit overboard thing..but after seeing what I saw...I'm not giving any guy a polite kiss cuz he bought dinner. Just not worth what COULD happen. I hold kisses for a man I know and trust. OH yeah...and that guy who didn't get it and i didn't kiss, and he said he'd not had sex in 6 months, i told him lets be friends. It's not feeling right for a couple ok?. Sure he says. THEN he tells me he had to move in with his ex cuz of problems with whatever.. and honest to Goodness...this man tells me... I asked if he sleeps with her. "Oh, NO it's not like that. Well, whenever i come over and give her help and watch the kids, she likes the help. I don't ask for it but she gives me a B._. (fill in the letter). I was upset to say the least. "So every week you get a _.J?" " Yeah, but i don't ask for it, she just comes over and does it when i watch tv"> I said he was a gross lying pig and to never contact me again. He says "What? I thought you said we were friends?" "I THOUGHT you said you were an honest guy!" And THAT can happen to you. The end. This is a true story. This is a TRUE story.

Hugs to all you ladies trying to make it through the time in life where we have all these hidden virus' and no answer. I pray in a decade they have vaccines that really work. I pray that our Grand children don't have to worry about 16 different viral killers. Ladies, we are on the blinded side of things concerning sex cuz our stuff is hidden. Take care.

April 22, 2015 - 11:29pm


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