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Dear 18 year old writer with genital warts. I was married 11 years and then divorced for 3 years when our family found out my ex (my kids dad) had stage 4 throat cancer from HPV. I was horrified. The dr said he could have been exposed to it a long time ago, that is can spread orally, but generally, it is spread during oral sex, mouth to vulva etc. Then I worried about his kissing the kids on the head or them feeding him food...you know babies are always trying to eat your food or force you to try their teething cookies. Anyhow, I got my youngest looked at. And then I also made an appt, long ways out, to see one of the drs. from the CDC. He said everyone is exposed to HPV everyday. It's on grocery cart handles, its everywhere. THere used to be a few dozen strains. Then, at that time he said we were up to about 150 strains. But 2-3 strains, at that time, were known to be cancer causing. THEN i researched the vaccine. Turns out that can ruin a kid far worse if they are allergic or intolerant of the vaccine. IT can disfugure these girls' faces, bodies. Horrible. I'd never suggest it. My youngest stayed a virgin all through highschool and into college. Watching her dad nearly die, going through chemo, radiation, and a systemic blood disease...was enough for my kids to know, you don't fool around with people til you really know them, and you hope to stay with them for a serious relationship. No one night stands for them. WAY TO RISKY. Dr. said for men, it can take some time for oral cancer to finally get going and become irritating or sore enough (cuz you can't see it, and he thought he just had a long lasting sore throat). It's been 5 years or more. He has been cancer free after the first 18 months. And he gets checked annually now. But no sign of it. He is cured.
Now, I have it. But not orally. And, it was devastating to me. I instantly lost my very active sex drive (when in a monogamous relationship...my bf broke up with me after the diagnosis). I had a culposcopy done a little over a year ago. I was supposed to go back in six months as it was positive, juast as my pap was. And, I had the type that can cause cancer. I have crainial nerve issues that mad a brain surgery necessary about 4 years ago. So, I just have not been able to emotionally address the second issue. The HPV. They can't cure it. If it turns to cancer, I've seen what that takes out of a person to save them. I didn't go looking for this topic today. I was searching out some art ideas as I am into art and photography. Somehow, it lead me here. I will go ahead and get that second culp done and let you know they outcome. And then we will have at least one example of what happens if you do nothing after your first positive culp.
~SOWD. (Sick of wacky disorders)

August 16, 2014 - 4:14pm


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