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Dear empowher,
I am 23 years old and I was just diagnosed with an abnormal pap smear..results were ascus positive for HPV. Ascus being the lowest level of cell abnormality. The most terrifying part was testing positive for hpv..I haven't always made the smartest decisions with being safe all the time and now I live to regret my decisions. I am struggling so badly emotionally with this I don't know how to ever resume having a normal life again. Its hard to say who I contracted it from because I probably contracted it from someone who didn't even know they had it. The hpv test was concerned high risk and not low risk - no genital warts or lesions. I have never had any physical symptoms at any point in my life which is why I guess my results were related to the high risk type and not low. Although this is devastating news I have taken full responsibility in educating myself. Is it true that I can fight off the infection and test negative in the future and remain that way? Is it true that your body can "rid" the virus from the system without it coming back? There are a lot of questions I have written down for my gyno I am going to do a colposcopy soon and I am extremely nervous. I am young and afraid and I would really appreciate any support than I can get. I am an only child with no siblings or a lot of friends I can use a lot of support from others going through the same as me. Please help me I would greatly appreciate it and I will keep everyone posted with my colposcopy results and any new information pertaining to my diagnosis. Please help in any way :(

anonymous <3

July 4, 2013 - 7:15pm


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