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Hi There I'm 32 and I have vaginismus, vulvodynia and lichen simplex and been suffering for 12 years now. It's only in the last 2 years that my concerns have been taken seriously. I've had a perinoplasty back in 2008 then surgery to remove ulcerated skin 4 months ago as well as botox unfortunately by the time if healed I didn't know if the botox helped. I also see a physio (best thing ever) to help with my vaginismus. Im now about to start 6% gabapentin cream with the hope I'll get further surgery to permanently numb my damaged nerves. I too have felt completely worthless and im still very bitter about my treatment "its all in your head" and "are you frigid" spring to mind. It's been a major strain on my 2 year marriage. HOWEVER the more of us that share our experience so we can all support each other through very challenging times the better. Pain wise I'm at my worst at the moment but I'm determined to fix my "misbehaving lady" so I can experience a great sex life and finally feel completely comfortable in my own skin xx

July 20, 2017 - 1:53am


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