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Hello everyone,
I have been dealing with feeling really sad lately and really hurt almost lost the desire to live but I most go on. But he pain are very real . I feel unwanted and I don't know why, I have been married w/ my husband for about 15 years and for many years our sex life was perfect than I don't know what happen but the past 4 years all the passion is gone. I still love him and I still have lots desire for him, but he pushes me away each time I ask for his attention. I have try everything, I have fought, I have cry, I have been waiting without asking or try, I have pray, I have talk to him time and times again, but so far without success. I am so much in love with him and I am not ready to called quit. He can be a very good man at times, he is a perfect father to my children and he his very smart.Please help! Any advice or any knid word at this time will help me so much! Sorry about my writing but English is not my first language.

May 9, 2011 - 5:44am


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