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Dear fellow members.
I hope you do not mind a male sharing his depressing story here as im so desperate to talk and share my story and feel you ladies will understand.

I have been viewing this post for a while and been reading the comments. Heart Breaking stories that i shed my fair share of anger and frustration at the screen that you all should have to feel so alone.
I've started searching the net in desperation to somehow try and find a solution to my sexless marriage. I'm now not so sure what the internet could bring since i see so many others in search of answers. I'm marriaged to the most beautiful girl in the whole world. I have been married to her since 2007 and have one child with her. btw im 28 she is 27.
Its come to the stage that my wife is no longer intimate with me or even affectionate. Its been almost a year since we made love and was another 6 months before then. She don't even touch me. She has insecurity issues big time, If im with any girl or dare to be in her house sample- my little girl made a mess in her clothes, a women from her nursery invited me to her house to change my daughters clothes and my wife hit the roof when i told her about this nice women. I lost all my girl friends because she did't want me to talk to any of them. I feel depressed and lonely due to the fact i lost my friends but mostly any physical love with my wife. She had a bad ordeal when she was younger Which i accepted but she has shut me out of any kind of love and i feel Like i have become part of nothing. Its not all about sex, some contact would be nice. Yes we kiss, but only routine kisses. Im desperate to find some kind of medication to stop my body from aching of love. I don't wanna suffer the way i am now and wish i could just hang the old chap up instead of feeling constant rejection. I had managed for a whole 9 months to go without asking but now the urges of physical need are so strong its causing problems. She has every excuse ready at hand and appartly all i do is think of sex. WTF I'm a full on Dad and husband, i do the ironing, i clean, look after my daugther and my wife to the point im only sleeping 5 hours a night. Im so tired of loving her and wishing thats tonights the night she will touch me, or just even to hold me. I'm emotionally drained. Its beginning to wear me down, I donno what to do, every time the subject comes up im the one feeling guilty she is telling me go if u can't handle this shit. Yet she tells me she loves me. I only wish for some tender loving care, i don't feel loved and im tired of working so hard only to lie next to her at night like to buddies. How can ppl do this, my wife knows im not happy, yet i do not see her making any slight effort and im lost what to do. I'm in love with her and thats the problem. How can i shut these feelings of sexual desire off so i can match her low libido.

April 26, 2011 - 12:41pm


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