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We have been married for 40 plus years and after our first year of marriage he started to become disinterested in me. And after 10 years he came right out and said that I was not interesting, boring and a prude. So with that announcement he further added that sex,love, intimacy was over. He began working mid night shifts which included weekends so he wouldn't have to be with me . I worked days and had normal weekends. I told him I have needs and I want children. The answer was go else where for your needs and he wasn't going to father any kids. If I wanted kids adopt some or go out with some one to make you pregnant. He did not care what I did. So to add further insult he built himself a shop and small appartment down stairs. He only comes upstairs when I need something fixed. Other wise he lives down stairs and I have the up stairs. We haven't really talked in years and sometimes we go for weeks without seeing each other. Now with all the lonelyness I've been through I distrust all men and have developed a hatred toward them. Some of my friends don't even know I'm married, I took off my wedding ring years ago. I hate to admit this but I have a couple of intimate girls I spend time with I need these ladies for support,love,hugs and togetherness. I must say my husband is not into porn or gay. He hasn't any friends. He hasn't a computer or phone, I have the only computer and the only cell phone.

March 27, 2011 - 10:12am


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