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(reply to Christine Jeffries)

i will try councelling. i think i really need someone to talk to. i know he wont agree, he doesnt believe in councelling or sharing his feelings in any way as he considers it a western way of thinking.
the links helped me understand a lot more and gave me alot of tips on how to make me and my husband better. i dont want this issue to ruin my marriage. i dont want to be one of these people who are divorced, no offense intened. i want to be strong with my husband and after the help i have received on this website, i feel stronger and more willing to work on my marriage.
i reaslied from this site that i am not alone in this issue and by trying to just talk to my husband about how he makes me feel when he doesnt touch me or make love to me made him realise that this relationship has 2 people in it , and he is really trying in every way, emotionally and physically. sometimes i think just sitting down with one another, with no distraction, no tv, internet or people around,helps as the other person will really take in what your saying. the advice i can give is write down all your feelings on a piece of paper over a month and sit down and then sit down and tell him this is how you make me feel. sometimes their unaware of how they make you feel. so communication is the key, and one should go to what lenghts is neccessary to make them listen.
i hope my advice helps others.
please dont just except that you have to be in a sexless marriage. do what ever it takes to make your partner realise your needs and wants. its a huge part of life and not having it affects your life.
again i hope it helps, as i know this website really helped me understand my issues alot more.

January 6, 2011 - 2:36pm


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