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Okay ladies, pay attention...my ex husband did this to me and we are now getting a divorce...if he is doing this he is either:
1) having sex with someone else
2) gay
3) no longer in love with you (and no you cant win him back this is not a curable disease).

One a man gets into this mode, there is no turning back. He isnt interested.

Now that we got that settled, DONT TAKE IT PERSONAL. You are a woman and no matter what your shape, personality, history, status or whatever excuse they gave you for not having sex, ITS IRRELEVANT. MILLIONS OF MEN OUT THERE WANT TO LOVE, HAVE SEX WITH AND SHARE THEIR LIVES WITH A WOMAN EXACTLY LIKE YOU WITH EXACTLY YOUR IMPERFECTIONS. REJOICE! BE HAPPY! DONT CRY ANYMORE. GET UP OFF YOU SEAT RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT AND TELL HIM ITS OVER, PAY IT UP AND MOVE OUT OR KICK HIM OUT. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to finally move on. My ex husband tried to destroy me, crush my self esteem and make me feel worthless, but his utter bullshit had the opposite effect. Ladies, you can choose to live in heaven or live in hell...which one do you choose?

November 29, 2010 - 11:30pm


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