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Wow I never realized this was such a common issues. So I guess my question is, how do you shut down ones sex drive and not shut down completely. I desire him all the time, I touch him I tingle, I look at him and want him. But I know it will go nowhere, so I have learned to not touch him, I go to bed at night now and just turn over and go to sleep, cuz I dont want to create a desire within that will not be satisified. I dont beg him for sex, i dont ask him for sex. But now, for me this relationship as begun to feel like we are simply coexisting. And so he gets upset when I do things, like have my kids come over, and didnt discuss it with him. Or I plan get togethers with my family and dont discuss it with him. I understand his point, but I dont feel the need to discuss things with him. I honestly feel like we are no more than roommates now. Is that all I can ever expect, am I better off admitting to myself that in my mind, a true partnership has to be intermixed with a good sexual compatibility. Is it, that for me, sexual compatibility is what makes the mental closeness grow? Do I need to admit to myself, that I have to have someone that is as sexually compatible in order to be mentally close where I feel we are partners and not just roommates? Does any of this even make sense to anyone?

November 28, 2010 - 9:55am


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