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This is exactly what happened to my mom....exactly. I am crying because reading this im reliving my senior year of high school and seeing it all over again. I promise, it DOES get better. To me my mom is a hero. the strongest person i know, when this happened to her, she was in and out of the hospital for a rare form of neuropathy caused by her job. towards the end( around my graduation) my father got very distant. He would look at me and then go to his desk and work and id see tears on his face and i knew something was up. but i couldnt and still cant believe it happened. My mother is a saint, she raised me and my siblings with so much love and compassion, she treated everyone with respect and care even when they didnt deserve it. she never ever spoke ill of anyone and never even said a curse word in her life. How could you wrong someone like that. Not only was he cheating, he brought the floozy to our house for dinner with HER husband and 3 children. Its amazing how cruel people can be. in the divorce he bankrupted my mom and brainwashed my little sister into wanting to live with him which my mom couldnt stand the idea of leaving her. She had no choice, she had to move accross the country to be near family who could help her and take care of her. It was chaos. Time has passed since then. My mom has a house near her sisters and takes care of my younger brother. she still has her condition and has to be treated 5 days of every month for it, she also was diagnosed with breast cancer twice and had a mastectomy. Oddly enough, she is so positive no that my pathetic excuse for a father isnt weighing her down. My sister moved out to go to college near my mother after living with my father and his poor excuse for a female for a few years. And my father is unbelievably miserable. He has made so many mistakes and the knowledge of the person he turned into is a guilt that he has to live with. I know its hard, i watched my mom fall apart. stopped her from killing herself. but you have your kids. you got the best part of him. Enjoy life with them. I'ts like the saying "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."
Thungs have to get worse before they get better.

I really hope this helped even a little.

October 4, 2010 - 1:18am


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