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i met my husband online 9 years ago, i came from a different country with my daughter. when i got here, things were a mess. it was very different from what i expected, he visited me a few times in my country and seen my lifestyle, my success and a great career i had with raising a daugher going to a private school. after coming here, things were so bad, no home, a nasty apartment to live and we had 90 days to get married. i was so embarrased and ashamed to go back home. i stayed and made it work. very very hard work, i have no friends or family as he has no friends, his family and him are not close. what makes it worst is that he dont show any emotions deprived me from sex, and at times ignores me. he always disagrees with any and everything my daughter says. i finaly became a citizen and i am an emotional wreck i have lost my selfesteem, i look at myself and see how i have aged overnight, i have put on weight and i constantly worry about everything. he absolutely dont care. i work day and night jobs, i still feel like a single mom except i have another son to raise and deprived from love and sex. i have to tell him to have a shower, brush his teethe, everything that puts any human being off from getting close. it has been an emotional roller coster for me. i have to continue to work and stay on top of things as i have brought my daughter here and believed everything he told me.

September 5, 2010 - 8:55pm


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