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I agree with the sentiment: Do things for yourself. My husband and I have the same same type of marriage listed in all the descriptions here. But you know what, I listen to all my friends that have these great and wonderful relationships-they have hot steamy nights, and get all this attention in the bedroom. but you know what, my husband may not be casanova in the bedroom-but he treats me well. He listens to me (ok not all the time, but a lot). Do I want more intimacy? Heck yeah, but after all the drama of listening to my friends with their boyfriends and husbands, I've decided that I can be happy with what I have.
I'm of the philosophy that there's the devil you know, and the devil you don't. I'd rather have the one I know. My husband loves me in his own way, and he shows it differently than others. But he loves me. My friend's husband "loves"-he shows it by isolating her, and not allowing her to talk to friends after work. My other friend has men who "love" her-each one of them has left her with a baby to raise on her own.
My husband may not want intimacy-but he doesn't want it with anyone else either! He stays home, reads books and magazines, watches TV with me. I'm not getting a disease (one of my friends got those too!), and I know where he is. He's not gambling, drinking, or carousing.
I've watched friends go through all different things, and you know what-they're all jealous of my husband! they tell me how lucky I am that I have a thoughtful husband. How great it is that he's not out all hours of the night. I finally figured out that I'm the lucky one.

July 20, 2010 - 9:56pm


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