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Hi Kath,

I have to admit that I had to do my homework since I had no idea who Dita Von Tesse was, lol. I am assuming that your not too happy with not having sex for over two years with your fiance. Let me ask you something...when is the wedding? Have you both started planning, have a date planned or are you in the stuck in fiance mode?

The reason I am asking is because sex is a part of marriage. To have sex with someone is the most intimate thing you can share with someone. Your fiance telling you that you need to look like someone else cannot feel too good. I am assuming this is why you came to us for advice, right? What will make you happy, Kath? Does this man give you everything else that you need as a woman but you are lacking the sex part? Does he put you down in others ways?

June 26, 2010 - 3:23pm


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