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Name: joes6252 New Member

I dont know when this was written, but I truly understand. I am 47 and I am maaried to a man who has not had sex with me for 6 yrs. The talk of sex either causes a fight or just bitterness. I have been married 12 yrs. My husband is a loviong man. However he does have some health issues, but he makes no attempt to particiapte in anything ref sex or romance. i have to much to say, but in general, i love him and i owe him my life-lets say. Nevertheless i feel llike i have a room mate or my father living with me. I had my breast reduced, i was so tickled, i have a teeny bopper chest now.-lol but in all seriousness, he has never touched me or asked to see them. i have begun to care less about myself. i think i am angry. if only he would do something. Even if parts dont work, he could do things to help me. honestly he lost 2 wives like this. i love him -but i no longer feel sexually attracted to him. I often think i would still try if he would. So my dear I do understand. I am a good woman , but i am getting rather grr. any advice, i only want kind descent ideas. please
I feel sad, un attractive, i get very sad and angry when i see others showing affection. i wish it was me. omg TV always has a way of showing someone expressing their love intimately. I am so torn, but angry for his lack of effort or conceren.(its like no big deal) I have cried, faught , i have talked my head off. help!

January 25, 2010 - 6:01pm


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