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(reply to kooklop)

Hi Kooklop,

Wow... You've made alot of assumptions. If you read many of the posts here you'll see that lack of sex is only one of many abuses going on in the lives of alot of these women. You are lucky, as your husband seems to be kind and loving, open to conversation. Many of us have husbands who are withdrawn and unavailable, not just sexually, but all the time.

To assume that none of us have tried to accept the situation and learn to deal with it is outright insulting. If you are living with a man who shows you in many other ways that he loves you and you are precious to him, that is wonderfu, but until you've lived with a man that treats you as a parsite, you simply don't know how this feels. Ask your husband's therapist, he or she will tell you that we are being mentally and emotionally abused.

Granted, my comments come from someone who has made the choose to leave. I cannot speak for everyone here, but the word "want" to me implies the whole package. Sex is just one of the many componants.

August 4, 2009 - 4:38am


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