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As a girlfriend once said to me "Onward and Upward". People say lots of things but for some reason that one stuck... it just said much for so little! Another girlfriend coined the phrase... "Walk away with your chin held high and your middle finger heald higher!!" I like that one too... :-)
So use them both...
I know the term sex addict gets thrown around a lot... but I have been doing some reading on it because my sister's ULTRA worthless boyfriend is definitely one. I won't even get into all that... but, your husband had much of the same characteristics. Personally, if my husband ever pulled that garbage or even a portion of it (which thank GOD he is a good guy, so he wouldn't), I would tell him to get the hell out whether he had a problem or not. I wouldn't care to deal with it. I am not a doctor and your issues with "infidelity, dishonesty, needing the attention of other women so you can feel wanted and pathetic computer sex" is not my problem to fix. Bye bye!

You are doing the right thing!!

July 21, 2009 - 4:01pm


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