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Most of these comments on her are old. What is new with Wiley Protocol? It's now March 2019.
I've been using this product over 10 years but take a very low dose and do not have periods. I am thinking about getting off of it. I get it from a doctor that is not listed on the Wiley website. I get it from a compound pharmacy and it does look official (comes in the green and purple packets with the Wiley name on the vials and the registered trademark ®). I've looked thru these comments and see nothing that answers my questions. Here they are: I get my bloodwork tested once per year. I've been getting it done on day 21. I used to go on day 12 and 21 but my doctor says just day 21 is ok. I take the hormones in the morning and get the test done in the afternoon. What are the normal ranges supposed to be on the test results? This has never been clear, even thought my doctor seems to think the results are fine. Also, I take one line of testosterone in the morning. What is the best place to put that cream on? Inner thigh? or on side lower stomach area?

March 5, 2019 - 10:10am


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