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Most likely your Estrogen is still too low for you to feel normal. I'm 51. I have been on Wiley for about 8 months. Once blood testing indicated that levels were not within WILEY RECOMMENDED RANGES, each month I gradually increased Wiley estrogen to the max + dosage on the packet and now during my low estrogen days I still feel good. I take the highest + dose of Progesterone as well. I take Wiley (for women) testosterone +2. Also it helped overall well being and to ease application, to divide the dosages to 3 time a day, 7am, 3pm & 11pm, or whatever evenly divided times work for your schedule. As far as application site goes, lower inner thighs are a must for good absorption in my experience. T is applied in an exact bikini zone area indicated in the directions.
Also it really helped me to set alarms on my phone so I wouldn't forget to apply. Another tip, once you figure out the dosages for 3x a day application, if you have a good calendar app for your phone, you can add the dosages for each day. Once you have added Day 1 through day 28. It's easy to auto add future months, as that info is saved. This makes it quick to check and apply. Well being, energy, weight around the waist, have all improved greatly! I started Wiley after trying regular bio-identical hormone replacement for almost a year. No matter how hard I worked to stay fit, along with eating a very healthy diet, plus supplements, I was getting a belly, I felt weak during workouts, hair was thinning some, the bloating was terrible. Wiley is more exact and balanced, and more natural, cyclical! I am so thankful for Wiley. Now I don't have to feel or look old. Unexpected bonus - hair is looking good again, and it's thicker than ever.

August 14, 2018 - 5:05am


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