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Hi Ana,
I'm Yvette, been on Wiley since 2007. My hubby since 2009. What would you like to know? Did you read the book "SEX LIES & MENOPAUSE", that's a big help. Why did you have a hysterectomy? I ran from doctors that suggested that to me. Thank God I found a doctor that told me all I needed was some progesterone to stop my bleeding, it also reversed my bad endometrial biopsy, I'm no doctor, but I knew those other doctors didn't know everything, so I kept looking, lucky I did. It's been a lonely & frustrating road, I've had no one to help me, when I would find Wiley doctors, they would tell me I knew more than them, but I didn't give up, I pretty much got it down pat. You would need to be on the LUNAR calendar, a Wiley pharmacy, (found on the Wiley website), would give you that. You need to have your bloods drawn about every 3 months. Your estrogens drawn on day 12 of your cycle, ( Your #'s should be between 350-500), your progesterones drawn on the 21st day of your cycle, ( #'s should be between 10-22).oh yeah, & make sure you don't get your bloods drawn from the arm you put the hormones on that your getting tested for, for instant, if your putting your estrogen on your right arm this month, ( you alternate arms every month), then have the blood drawn from your left arm. I now sleep, my boobs are fuller, my vagina is wet when I need it to be, my skin is moister, I have a sex drive, I don't think I get bitchy, lol, but you'd have to ask my family that. I get my period, when my periods are off, (too early or too late), or my bloods are not the numbers I need, I have to tweak my doses, go up a line or down a line of meds that are in the dosing syringes. Easy for me now. Good Luck! :)

September 29, 2014 - 7:37pm


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