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Hi,I see that I am very very late joining this conversation but I'd like to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed the advice and stories I've read so far,and they have given me new hope that I too will be able to find the source of my problems and live a normal life again.My names Dana,I'm 39 yrs old.I have been having these same symptoms as described by all of you.in the morning I HURT so bad I can hardly move. My sleep is disturbed nightly having to turn from side to side from the pain being so bad.I have had uterine cancer resulting in a partial hysterectomy after having my youngest son that's now 7.I am bipolar, with PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder, I got burned in a house fire while sleeping resulting in 7th degree burns on my legs both upper and lower and both feet and since have had circulatory problems or shall I say lack of circulation and my legs and feet hurt almost all the time.recently though I have been havign more pain than usual and bad headaches that nothing seems to relieve.my nearsightedness has also gotten strange THOU the prescription hasn't changed I cannot focus when reading and my neck and spine seen to burn a lot more.I have degenerative spine diseas and I have broken my t12 and L1 vertabrae in two separate car wrecks.I also have seizures, and lately my pain all over my entire body has grown almost unbearable but especially in the mornings..I have been on methadone for four years now and taking one a day isn't working for me anymore where I used to be pretty much pain free the entire day w taking one .I also have noticed my hands are very swollen and I also within the past month my elbows have gotten very tender like when I prop myself up on them,I cannot stand to do this anymore. My right shoulder has started popping and when I attempt to remove my bra or to lift it to pull my shirt on or off it is impossible ,I can't raise it up very far .I have also noticed that my back near where my kidneys are are hurting a lot lately and my urine smells really strong, which could very well be from my lack of consuming water.I simply cannot stand the taste of it,but if I start drinking it find I cannot stop until I feel I've gotten water poisoning from drinking too much but it's like my body is calling out for it and I know this isn't healthy and do try to drink it when I can .My entire family works in the medical profession so I do know a few things and am not totally uneducated on the human anatomy and what is and isn't good for me.I am just scrared I think more than anything at what it could really be.I have been through so much already and I don't have any insurance as it is..ID just like to thank all of you for the stories you share and to say that after reading thes I am going to schedule me an appointment to find out what is causing me all these problems and I wish all of you the best of luck in finding out and treating your conditions. Thanks for letting me share and for being an inspiration to me.I feel so much better knowing that I am not alone in this. God bless you all.

February 22, 2016 - 8:51am


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